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Layer: Geology - Rock Type & Age (ID: 0)

Name: Geology - Rock Type & Age

Display Field: ST

Type: Feature Layer

Geometry Type: esriGeometryPolygon

Description: Geology data related to the Navajo Nation. This data set is a seamless 1:500,000 scale surficial geologic coverage for the states of Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah. The coverage was compiled and edge matched from existing digital versions of the 1:500,000 scale state geologic maps (Green, 1992; Ramsey, 1996; Turner and Bawiec, 1996; Green and Jones, 1997; Hirschberg and Pitts, 2000). Similar geologic units were correlated only along state boundaries to facilitate edge matching. Correlation and merging of units along state boundaries was based on similar age and characteristics of units. Landsat TM images were geologically interpreted to facilitate accurate mapping and edge matching along state boundaries. Whenever possible existing state specific geologic detail was maintained. Soil substrate classification was derived from a 1:500,000 scale geologic coverage using a modified soil classification scheme developed by NatureServe. Soil substrate codes and geology were correlated based of bulk rock chemical compositions and characteristics. Soil substrate codes are as follows: QYA = Quaternary age younger alluvium and surficial deposits, QOA = Quaternary age older alluvium and surficial deposits, EOS = Unconsolidated Aeolian sand deposits both active and stabilized, SND = Sandstone dominated formations of all ages, SLM = Siltstone and/or mudstone dominated formations of all ages, SHL = Shale dominated formations of all ages, CLM = Carbonate dominated formations either limestone or dolomites of all ages, EVP = Evaporite units either halite, gypsum, or other saline mineral dominated formations of all ages, GSL = Metamorphic or igneous units with a dominantly silicic composition all ages, BMC = Metamorphic or igneous units with dominantly mafic composition all ages, H20 = Water, and UNK= unable to assign a substrate type. This polygon shapefile was clipped to the area of the Navajo Nation and attributes for Age, Rock Type, and concatenated Age and Rock Type, along with a numeric code for SUBS_CODE. <br><A HREF='{EA81E195-9812-47E4-80D0-A768C934F724}' target='_blank'><IMG SRC='' BORDER=0></A>

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