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Generate KML (Region9/R9NNAUMFederalLandStatus)

    AZ Federal and Public Land Ownership(0)
      AZ State Lands(1)
      AZ Local and State Parks(2)
      Bureau of Land Management(3)
      National Park Service(4)
      US Forest Service(5)
      US Fish and Wildlife Service(6)
      Tribal Lands(7)
      Military Lands(8)
      Other Public Lands(9)
      Private Lands(10)
    NM Federal and Public Land Ownership(11)
      NM State Lands(12)
      NM Local and State Parks(13)
      NM State Fish and Game(14)
      Bureau of Land Management(15)
      Bureau of Reclamation(16)
      National Park Service(17)
      US Forest Service(18)
      US Fish and Wildlife Service(19)
      Department of Agriculture(20)
      Tribal Lands(21)
      Military Lands(22)
      Department of Energy(23)
      Valles Caldera National Preserve(24)
      Private Lands(25)
    UT Federal and Public Land Ownership(26)
      UT Local and State Parks(27)
      UT State Wildlife Reserve/Management Area(28)
      UT State Trust and Sovereign Lands (29)
      UT Other State Lands(30)
      Bureau of Land Management(31)
      National Park Service(32)
      US Forest Service(33)
      US Fish and Wildlife Service(34)
      Tribal Lands(35)
      Military Lands(36)
      Private Lands(37)
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