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Generate KML (ORD/HumanWellBeingIndex)

    State boundaries(0)
    HWBI Overall Score(1)
    HWBI Domain: Connection to Nature(2)
      Connection to Nature Overall Score(3)
      Connection to Nature - Biophilla Score(4)
    HWBI Domain: Cultural Fullfillment(5)
      Cultural Fullfillment Overall Score(6)
      Cultural fullfillment - Active Participation Score(7)
    HWBI Domain: Education(8)
      Education Overall Score(9)
      Education - Basic Educational Knowledge and Skills of Youth Score(10)
      Education - Participation and Attainment Score(11)
      Education - Social, Emotional, and Development Aspect Score(12)
    HWBI Domain: Health(13)
      Health Overall Score(14)
      Health - Healthcare Score(15)
      Health - Life Expectancy and Mortality Score(16)
      Health - Lifestyle and Behavior Score(17)
      Health - Personal Well Being Score(18)
      Health - Physical and Mental Health Conditions Score(19)
    HWBI Domain: Leisure Time(20)
      Leisure Time Overall Score(21)
      Leisure Time - Active Participation Score(22)
      Leisure Time - Time Spent Score(23)
      Leisure Time - Working Age Adults Score(24)
    HWBI Domain: Living Standards(25)
      Living Standards Overall Score(26)
      Living Standards - Basic Necessities Score(27)
      Living Standards - Income Score(28)
      Living Standards - Wealth Score(29)
      Living Standards - Work Score(30)
    HWBI Domain: Safety and Security(31)
      Safety and Security Overall Score(32)
      Safety and Security - Actual Safety Score(33)
      Safety and Security - Perceived Safety Score(34)
      Safety and Security - Risk Score(35)
    HWBI Domain: Social Cohesion(36)
      Social Cohesion Overall Score(37)
      Social Cohesion - Attitude toward others and the community Score(38)
      Social Cohesion - Democratic Engagement Score(39)
      Social Cohesion - Family Bonding Score(40)
      Social Cohesion - Social Engagement Score(41)
      Social Cohesion - Social Support Score(42)
    Services: Social(43)
      Social - Activism Score(44)
      Social - Communication Score(45)
      Social - Community and Faith-Based Initiatives Score(46)
      Social - Education Score(47)
      Social - Emergency Preparedness Score(48)
      Social - Family Services Score(49)
      Social - Healthcare Score(50)
      Social - Justice Score(51)
      Social - Labor Score(52)
      Social - Public Works Score(53)
    Services: Economic(54)
      Economic - Capital Investment Score(55)
      Economic - Consumption Score(56)
      Economic - Employment Score(57)
      Economic - Finance Score(58)
      Economic - Innovation Score(59)
      Economic - Production Score(60)
      Economic - Re-Distribution Score(61)
    Services: Ecosystem(62)
      Ecosystem - Air Quality Score(63)
      Ecosystem - Food, Fiber, and Fuel Provisioning Score(64)
      Ecosystem - Greenspace Score(65)
      Ecosystem - Water Quality Score(66)
      Ecosystem - Water Quantity Score(67)
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