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Layer: Small Area Sources (ID: 5)

Parent Layer: Airports

Name: Small Area Sources

Display Field: facility_name

Type: Feature Layer

Geometry Type: esriGeometryPoint

Description: This geospatial dataset contains air toxic emissions estimates (tons per year) for the 2014 National Air Toxics Assessment (NATA) for airports where the modeled sources are small area sources. We modeled airports as one of two types: runway line sources or small (10-by-10-meter) area sources. The runway airports are those for which we have geographic coordinates for the runway endpoints from either the 2014 National Transportation Atlas Database or from a dataset developed by EPA's Office of Transportation and Air Quality for the 2011 NATA. The emissions are from the 2014 National Emissions Inventory (NEI).The nonrunway airports have no runway information and were modeled as small area sources. These include smaller airports, seaplanes and heliports. Although there may be multiple processes at an airport (e.g., commercial aircraft emissions and ground support equipment emissions), we did not treat them differently with respect to source characterization. Emissions at an airport were summed and apportioned equally among the runways or to the small area source. More detailed information can be found at

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Use Standardized Queries: true

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