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What's new in ArcGIS Notebook Server 10.8

ArcGIS Notebook Server 10.8 offers new enhancements, tools, and bug fixes. Notable new developments are described below.

ArcGIS Notebook Server Manager

A new site, ArcGIS Notebook Server Manager, is available in the portal at 10.8. Manager is an intuitive graphical interface for common administrative tasks used in your site.

Learn more about Manager

Notebook authoring

You can now collapse sections of ArcGIS Notebooks in the notebook editor. Sections that begin with a heading can be collapsed. You can collapse a heading to hide all content in that section, allowing you to navigate lengthy notebooks more quickly. Click the expand button of a collapsed section to view its content again.

In the file browser of the notebook editor, you can now add code snippets for files you've uploaded.

Notebook administration

Starting at 10.8, administrators can automate notebook execution using the new Execute Notebook operation in the ArcGIS Notebook Server Administrator Directory. This operation opens a new container and runs the entire notebook without user control.

You can schedule notebooks to run by setting up a cron job to run the executeNotebook operation in the future, either once or as a regular recurrence. The operation allows you to specify parameters that will be added to the notebook as a new cell prior to execution.

Learn more about automated notebook execution

The Advanced notebook runtime now includes the Conda CUDA toolkit by default. This simplifies the workflow to configure ArcGIS Notebook Server to use GPUs.

Server administration

A new command line utility, upgradeSite, can silently upgrade your ArcGIS Notebook Server site to future versions.

There are three new properties in the Notebook Server Properties resource at 10.8:

  • A new property, diskSpaceThresholdGB, allows you to set a threshold of available disk space under which ArcGIS Notebook Server logs messages. When your disk drive's available space reaches twice this value, the site starts recording WARNING level log messages; when the available space reaches the threshold value, the log messages will become SEVERE. The default value is 5 GB of remaining disk space.
  • Two new server properties related to the executeNotebook operation are now available. maxExecuteNotebookContainersPerNode limits the number of containers that can simultaneously be opened for automated execution; its default limit is 20 containers. maxExecuteNotebookTimeMinutes sets a maximum duration for an automated execution run; if the notebook is still running when this duration is reached, the container is terminated. The default limit is 2 hours.

System requirements

Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer are no longer supported for use with ArcGIS Notebook Server.